The power of branded video content


The power of branded video content is really starting to penetrate the business world. With branded video content you maximize traffic, leads, conversions and loyalty.

Branded video content are short company videos in line with the house style/identity of the brand. Branded video content is the new channel in the marketing communication strategy.


What is branded video content?

Branded video content is marketing with entertainment. More fun and effective than the traditional sales story. Storytelling presented in an attractive way and in line with the brand identity.


Branded video content topics

Branded video content is used for both external and internal communication. Think of: colleagues in pictures, customer cases, company news, in conversation with, talk shows, FAQ videos, workshops, master classes, guest lectures, performances, a celebration, a launch, monthly meeting CEO/management. etc. Engaging corporate TV that fits your brand, company or product.

Why green screen?

With greenscreen technology we combine reality (real camera images) with virtual 3D studio images, visually enhancing content such as visuals, titles, video and/or photo content. We tailor-make the virtual studio sets for you. With these unique own virtual studios you can be spinning or producing within an hour.

Young Business Collega's

For whom? is the partner for anyone who wants to generate traffic, leads, conversions and loyalty with video marketing. We completely unburden you in creating, organizing, producing and directing unique branded video content.

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