Support in every phase

In addition to the right knowledge and equipment for a successful online broadcast, we have an extensive package of services to fully support and relieve you.

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To create

The basis for good branded video content is a good story. knows how to best visualize that story. We guide you through the process from start to finish. Whether it concerns designing the unique virtual studio sets, developing a script, taking care of image editing or designing the visually enhancing content images has the experience and network to help produce branded video content that is relevant and entertaining for your target audiences. 


To organize

Organizing is written on our foreheads. We are convinced that good preparation and organization is 95% of success. We have the knowledge and expertise to make your branded video content a success.

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Presenting successfully

If you're not used to being in front of the camera, a studio can overwhelm you a bit. That's very normal. Our experienced presenter coach will help you prepare and guide you during the broadcast. This way you come across as authentic and professional. Do you like it better when someone else leads the conversation? Our moderator asks questions, leads conversations and discussions, and engages data, response and questions from viewers throughout the broadcast.

Autocue operator

With autocue your text appears in all studio cameras. This way you come across as a relaxed and confident presenter who tells his story smoothly. Matthijs, Jeroen, Eva, Beau, Barack and Joe have been using the autocue for years.

The autocue also indicates which camera we switch to. This way we prevent you from talking awkwardly into the wrong camera. Our autocue operator will help you on your way and support you throughout the recording.



Of course you want to look good on camera. Everyone can use some extra make-up under the studio lamps. We work together with makeup artists, stylists and make-up artists who ensure that you feel good and appear professional with the right clothes in the right colours, good make-up and a well-groomed haircut.


Branded Podcasting

Podcasting has been on the rise in recent years. If you have something to say, branded podcasting can be an ideal addition to branded video content. If you produce branded video content with us from our greenscreen studio, you will receive the podcasts completely free of charge.

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During the corona crisis, has produced many online events. Whether it's external or internal communication, we reach the target audience, we generate engagement and viewers become participants. Easier and cheaper than a physical meeting.

Online events

Technical Terms

De TV productiewereld staat bol van vaktermen die voor een leek moeilijk te begrijpen zijn. heeft een lijst geproduceerd met de meest belangrijke vaktermen die wij tijdens studio opnames en/of studio uitzendingen gebruiken. 


Download the list here.

Only dutch at this moment.

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