Support in every phase

In addition to the right knowledge and equipment for a successful online broadcast, we have an extensive package of services to fully support and relieve you.


Script writing

The basis for a good online broadcast is a good story with clear content. At we work together with professional copywriters with years of experience in the field of strategy, copy and content. They can help you draw up a compelling story that is relevant and entertaining for your target audience.


Image editing

Good image editing strengthens the presentation. After all, an image says more than a thousand words. Videos, photos and animations are visual resources that reinforce your message. At we work together with experienced image editors who can help you find the right images for your presentation.

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3D Virtual studio design.

If you want to present from your own unique virtual studio, we can design the 3D sketch. As soon as this sketch is approved, we have it worked out in detail by our 3D designer. He puts the finishing touches and ensures that your virtual studio looks realistic and professional. Everything is produced in the house style and brand identity of your brand or company.

Professional design

Our goal is to give every broadcast a professional look. We achieve this with a good balance between typography, use of color, use of light and, for example, the clothing you wear during the presentation.

We have extensive experience in the design of presentations and several experienced designers in our network who can further professionalize your presentation.



If you are not used to being in front of the camera, a studio can take you by surprise. That is quite normal. Our experienced presenter coach will help you prepare and guide you during the broadcast. This way you come across as authentic and professional. Do you prefer it when someone else directs the conversation? Our moderator asks questions, leads the conversations and discussions and involves data, response and questions from viewers throughout the broadcast.


Autocue operator

With autocue displays your text in all the studio cameras. This way you come across as a relaxed and confident presenter who tells his story smoothly. Matthijs, Jeroen, Eva, Beau, Barack and Joe have been using the autocue for years. The autocue also indicates which camera we switch to. This way we prevent you from talking uncomfortably into the wrong camera. Our autocue operator will help you on your way and support you throughout the recording.


Of course you want to look good on camera. Everyone can use some extra make-up under the studio lights. We work with make-up artists, stylists and make-up artists who ensure that you feel good and appear professional with the right clothes in the right colors, good make-up and a well-groomed hairstyle.


Technical Terms

The TV production world is full of technical terms that are difficult for a layman to understand. has produced a list of the most important terms that we use during studio recordings and / or studio broadcasts.


Download the list here.

Only dutch at this moment.

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Our clients ...


This is what our customers say

Ariën van Wetten, Marketing Manager Datto:
'I can highly recommend because the professionalism and experience of the studio team ensured a great result.'

Sandra Baars, Marketing Manager FinCo Fuel Group:

'We have had many more participants than usual in a live session and we got a lot of enthusiastic reactions about the approach.'